• Board


    Year: 2018
    Content: Exhibition
    Venue: Biennale, Venice, Italy
    Team: Oliviero Vitali, Rocco Vitali
    Stage: Competition

    Board is a line, a limit and a threshold.
    A string that goes from human intimacy to urban traces, through the collective imaginary, as a spotlight in the middle of his surroundings.
    All the different remains of our world are opportunities to reflect on the relationship between the tangible and the most far away.
    The void is a physical entity, a representation, a glass of cultures.
    The proposal is a voyage through the relations between physical and human emptiness. Room by room, the visitor walks through the different scales of voids we share in our life, using the symbol of the window as a common guideline to define three main spaces.
    The domestic room of a house.
    The meeting ground of a piazza.
    The endless repetition of an urban landscape.